Storybook Walk


Kidsville is proud to introduce our first Storybook Walk in Centennial Park. Bring your children to the park for quality outdoor time while reading a wonderful story. Our first walk takes place from October 4 - 11 and features one of our favorite Imagination Library books, Silly Goose's BIG Story by Keiko Kasza, which highlights the importance of friends and imagination.


Silly Goose's Big Story

Friends and imagination save the day. Goose’s friends love the stories he makes up when they’re playing. Except one thing – Goose is always the hero. And when they ask to take turns leading the fun, Goose doesn’t agree. While they argue about it, no one notices the hungry wolf sneaking up on them until he shouts, “Hello, Lunch!” This real-life danger shows Goose how silly he’s been and that his friends make terrific heroes! Always a surefire hit on laps or at storytime, Keiko Kasza’s latest shows how imagination can come in handy in an unexpected way.



You can take the walk starting at 10 AM on October 4 and anytime during park operating hours of 6 AM - 8 PM through October 11.

The walk starts at the edge of the circular patio on Lake Watauga. The Storybook Walk signs will be on the left side of the line with the permanent Centennial Park History signs. The walk concludes at the history sign about Lake Watauga, which features a story about the addition of two reptiles that resulted in birds suddenly disappearing. ("Hello, Lunch"...said the alligators..and there were no alligators in the park after that). Many geese and ducks like to gather at this spot for naps along the lake.

Link to Google Map with Walking Directions