Voting Machine

Create a Voting Machine

Join Kidsville as we invent a voting machine out of recycled materials with Turnip Green Creative Reuse!

What is a vote?

When you express a wish to make a certain choice, you are voting.

For example:

  • My brother and I wanted pizza, but everyone else wanted
  • tacos. The vote was 4 for tacos and 2 for pizza, so we had tacos
  • last night.
  • My sister wanted to start the princess movie and stop playing our
  • game. We voted and decided to play one more game of go-fish first.
  • I gave my friend’s picture a heart on instagram to say I liked it.
  • I tried some sour candy and did not like it so I spit it out.

Other people may vote for a different choice than you, and if a group is making a choice together...they count the votes and the choice with the most votes wins.

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